If You Are Tired of Paying 14-25% Commision When Receiving Food Orders, How Does ZERO Commission Sound To You?

 ZERO Commission on food orders & Table Bookings

​​​​​​​We KNOW you agree with us. So here is what you need to do to make this happen.

- Hit that blue button above or below, they both lead you to our admin site where you will be able to create your username and password.
- Then simply follow the simple instructions to create your very own Menu and Table Booking system which you can either put on your existing website, on your facebook fan page (if you don't have a facebook fan page, we can create one for you) or you can do both!

​​​​​-When you are ready to fully dive into FoodKadabra, then connect your domain to have your very own website that you FULLY control. And most of all, there is absolutely no risk on your part. There is no magic to any of this, we simply decided to give the local independent restauranteurs like you a helping hand to go beyond survival on the ever hostile business environment. 

  • Tired of having a website that does nothing for you?

  • Tired of having to give away a share of your restaurant profits to delivery portals?

  • Tired of booking fee charged by the likes of Open Table?

     We Believe it is unfair for a third party to take so much of YOUR profit

Keep ALL Of Your Profits!

Tired of the exorbitant amount of commission your "ordering partners" take from you?
With this complete solution, we take no commission from orders placed. You read that right, ZERO commission order system ​​​​​​​

No More Missed Calls!

No more missed phone calls. You can even take table bookings or orders while your restaurant is closed. Booking in advance will help you plan your resources better. Because you will know the size of the party and their order in advance!​​​​​​​

Increase Your Covers!

No matter how much your business grows, you have unlimited orders with zero commissions.  
In fact, we will help position you to grow your food business. Be it Take-Away or Dine-in restaurant.

Find & Keep Loyal Diners!

become visible to your local diners and when they do find you and book a table or order food. You will have their details to market to them again. Built-in enticing promotions will come in handy too!

At FoodKadabra we believe in helping you grow your business without breaking the bank!

  • Give your website a new life, by inserting our free Menu & Table booking widget. It is very simple to do, if not we can help you install it.

  • Keep all your profits when someone orders online. Again FREE* of charge.

  • Allow your customers to book a table and even order food well in advance.

  • Did we already say all this is for FREE* and works with your existing website?

  • If you have no website or you want a brand new mobile and google optimised, we can create one for you for a small fee. 

Imagine NEVER having to pay a single penny on every food ordered & table booked?

High visibility

As restaurant specialists, we know how to help you reach your ideal diners, use our FREE AdWords Generator to precisely target and bring in more diners or online orders


Boost your website

Make your existing website even yummier, go ahead and place our "See MENU & Order" button on your homepage. It is so easy to install and it works with all major website builders.

Free Facebook widget

Our FREE Facebook widget will help you reach more of your customers by allowing them to access and order from your menu. Without leaving Facebook!

Interactive Menu

Your clients can easily browse through your savory menu and select whatever appeals to them. And this makes the online ordering on your website extremely easy to use for anybody.

Targeted Promotions

Run smart promotions based on customer behavious, by segmenting first time, repeat, or long- time regulars etc.

Real-time Reporting

real-time statistics to see what promos worked best. Use the delivery heatmaps and customer reports to make informed business decisions.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​